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I have had my hair keratin straightened by Gabriel does the Lasio hair straightening. The best hair straightening ever. My hair is so soft and sliky. I love this salon and I will come back. Give them a try..
— Lisa Laskin, since 2013
Gabriel is a first class professional! I had the Keratin treatment December 12, 2012 at his new space on W. 57th St. I am very pleased with the results and I will refer my friends and colleagues to him for hair style guidance and services.
— Debbie Kunen, since 2012
I have been getting my haircut with Gabriel for about a year and every time its has been outstanding. The level of service is excellent. Gabriel is always listening for my wishes and is able to translate them into a beautiful haircuts. I am recommending him to all my friends. His service is simply perfect.
— Irina Miretskiy, since 2013
Love my hair...sir Gabriel.. Is a master...need I say more....
— Amena Tarzi, since 2013
I originally went to Gabriel because of a very poor haircut from another salon. It was so poorly done, I didn’t think anyone could fix the cut without cutting my hair very short. He proved my fear unfounded. I was pleasantly surprised to find he books each client privately! You are not interrupted by others and have his total attention for the entire hour. He has a warm and patient personality and actually listens to your requests. My haircut was fantastic and is growing out beautifully. Gabriel is a true artist in every sense of the word. He “sculpts” your hair to fit your features. I feel his prices are very reasonable for the excellent service one receives. I highly recommend Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon to anyone looking for technical expertise, and a calm and relaxing experience.
— Nancy C. since 2013
I had a photo shoot 2 weeks ago. I have to thank Gabriel for styling my hair. Both the make-up artist and the clothes stylist complimented my hair-do. They asked me where I had my hair done. I also got compliments from my friends.
Hence, I have to say, you are the best, Gabriel.

I have tried so many salons over the years, but have not been happy with the results. It’s really the first time that I am very happy with the outcome.

Gabriel is a real pro. He’s also very kind and nice.
— Melena D. since 2013
I have very curly hair, and it has always been surprising how few stylists can actually give a good curly haircut Gabriel was fabulous. He listened to exactly what I was looking for and really took his time making sure everything was perfect. The cut looks great both curly and straightened. It’s been forever since I’ve had a cut that I could style so effortlessly and would look good all day long. Plus the prices are very reasonable!! Would definitely suggest curly headed girls try Gabriel!
— Nina Geri, since 2013
Since my stylist of 20 years retired in 2005, I’ve been hopping around in search for the best stylists for my straight hair. After seeing many different stylists as long as two years straight and not really loving it that much, my search continued. More than a year and half ago I decided to do research on great hair cutters. I came across Gabriel’s reviews. They were all excellent. I told many ladies at work about his talents but yet I was afraid to go to him thinking I may be the only one who doesn’t like the cut. because I’m very particular. Since I need a haircut every 8 weeks to maintain my style, I decided to try two new salons first & saw two different stylists over the past 1 1/2 years. I still wasn’t satisfied. I actually made two appointments with Gabriel and cancelled. Finally, I called him again and said I’m ready for haircut with you. He is talented, an artist who transformed my boring bob into an attractive layer cut. My husband said, “did you get a haircut? It’s nice”. My husband over the years says has only said, “did you get a haircut?” Never adding, “it’s nice”. I always had to ask him if he liked it. He never smiled like he did with this cut. People at work complimented the cut. They were like, “wow”. I feel young and hip with this cut. I have thick, medium density straight hair and Gabriel new how to give my hair volume. Gabriel gives individualized attention. Worth the money. The salon is clean, bright, playing soothing music and there’s a TV screen showing a fashion show while you wait. I will be back!
— Rita L. since 2013
Gabriel is excellent! Great blowdrys! Definitely recommend people go!
— Eugenia Cooney 4/9/13
After a disastrous haircut at Bumble & Bumble, I was looking for someone who could not only fix it but also give me a great haircut. I am extremely particular about my haircuts and generally appreciate hair stylists who understand their client’s needs and also have creative insights. Gabriel is totally fabulous! He understood what I wanted and gave me something even better. I was very impressed with his work and will definitely be going back to him! He is not only talented but also very affordable! Well done, Gabriel!!!
— Anonymous Verified 5/15/12
Gabriel S. has been cutting and styling my hair for years. I moved out of the country and tried other stylists. I had a mess on my hands.I long ago decided that if I was going to be happy I had to make the trip to New York and go only to Gabriel. He rocks! My hair is very curly and frizzy too. He gives me a cut that tames all of that and I always feel beautiful. I can let it air dry or flat iron it and it is always great.
Thank you Gabriel I’ll be back!
— Deanna Basjer, since 2012
Never felt so Happy. After a Brazilian Blowout, Gabriel saved me from a very dry, frizzy extremely tight curls, into soft, shiny smooth hair that I always want. I can actually feel my hair again. I love his haircut and the way he styled my hair.. PERFECT !!! I got compliments from everyone and I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get their hair done with a perfect service. He’s very friendly and welcoming, and I had a great time talking with him. He listened to what I want and explained all the procedures beforehand. GREAT JOB !!! I finally found the right hair dresser in NYC.
— Anonymous Verified customer 4 years ago
WOW, Pleasantly Surprised

I recently moved to North Jersey and was in need of a good haircut. I have to preface this by saying that I am VERY selective when it comes to who I trust with my hair. I was pleasantly surprised with Gabriel. He gave me such an amazing haircut. I have long straight hair and I wanted long layers, sounds simple. However, anyone who appreciates a good hair cut understands the difficulty in getting the layers right. He did such a great job and 3 weeks later I am still loving my haircut. I have been all over the place looking for a good hair stylist. I have lived in NYC, LA, Florida, Philly, and although I have a gotten a good cut here and there, he really is the best. It’s so rare to stumble upon someone who listens and actually does what you want. I couldn’t be happier and I can without hesitation recommend him.

On a side note, I paid $125 ( not cheap but in the range of most good stylists). I tried to tip him and he wouldn’t accept it. I don’t usually tip the owner but I was so pleased with the cut and my blowout.
— Anonymous Verified customer 12/5/10
Gabriel is very attentive. He listens and does what you ask him to do! If you want a certain length or style he DELIVERS! I’ll def. be going back to him.
— Anonymous Verified customer 4 years ago
Gabriel was AMAZING!!! Very easy to get a last minute appointment and he is a miracle worker! He fixed a butchered haircut I had done and is a great stylist. I will be going to him for all of my future haircuts!
— Anonymous Verified customer 4 years ago
Gabriel was great!!! I got the Brazilian Blowout done by him and he did such a great job!! I couldn’t be happier with my hair. I am definitely going back to him when I need some touching up! He was so personable and it was a pleasure from start to end.
— Anonymous Verified customer 4 years ago
On a friend’s recommendation I reserved a haircut with Gabriel, the owner. I have very straight fine hair, which unlike curly hair leaves no room for error, so I tend to be a bit nervous about new stylists cutting my hair. I shouldn’t have worried a bit because Gabriel was just great. I told him what I wanted and what has gone wrong in the past with other haircuts but he quickly put me at ease. He took off as much as I told him to, not like some places where they try and convince you to do something different or they lop off too much. I was going to a party that night so Gabriel spent the time to really glam me up. My friends totally noticed the new cut and thanks to Gabriel.

Online booking is very convenient.
— Anonymous Verified customer 5 years ago
For many years, I have been trying to find a good hairdresser. I found one. It is Gabriel S. He is the best hairdresser you will ever meet He cut my hair to perfection. I was very pleased. His is my number one hairdresser. And I tried all the big names. Nobody equals Gabriel’s expertise.
— Anonymous Verified customer 5 years ago
GABRIEL did an amazing job on my cut and blow-dry! He didn’t get all “scissor happy” with my hair, instead he gave me a great cut and left the length just the way I like it. He is also really sweet and fun to hang out with... makes it a very pleasant experience.
— Anonymous Verified customer 5 years ago

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